About Stirling Insurance

Stirling sells property and casualty insurance to help businesses and individuals protect the people and things they value

What makes us different?

• We believe that an informed and educated client is an empowered customer in the marketplace. We provide educational resources on this site to help explain the often arcane and confusing terminology involved with buying insurance.

No one likes stopping a conversation to ask what some term means, and the fact is that most people don't ask when they encounter a phrase they don't know. Here we provide you with information to give you understanding, comfort, and confidence about buying insurance and what insurance does for you. 

• Whether new or established, large or small, Stirling helps businesses define and assess risks in order to determine the right amount of coverage. This helps in two ways:
• Keeps you from paying for more insurance than you need, and
• Helps us find the best fit for insurance companies to approach.

Our Approach

We approach insurance companies that specialize in your specific type of risk, out of the universe of possible carriers available, based on:

• Type of insurance desired,
• Line of business,
• Business size and age,
• Loss history,
• Geographic location,
• Insurance company financial rating,
And other factors

Insurance companies are constantly competing against each other in niche markets and offer low priced premiums to attract business.

In other markets, where the same company may lack much of an appetite for that risk, they may not offer a competitive price. This competitive aspect of the market is constantly changing.

We search Admitted markets as well as Excess and Surplus markets (See FAQ for explanation) for the right policy to meet your needs.

Since we are constantly watching these markets, we can help you get the best price for your insurance from a reputable insurance company.

Who We Are

Scott Kirtland

Scott Kirtland founded of Stirling Insurance Services LLC in 2008. Scott has been in the insurance industry since 2000 specializing in
Commercial Property and Casualty and Surety. 

After many years as a retail executive, with firms such as Walmart, CVS and Staples, Scott decided to apply his extensive business knowledge to the Insurance Industry. Scott’s in depth knowledge of the commercial property, casualty, and surety markets in NYC come from representing many clients for the last 15 years from the construction, real estate, finance, technology fields.

Scott is well versed on the rapidly growing marketplace for cyber liability Insurance products as well as representation and warranty insurance used in securities transactions such as merger and acquisition deals.

Scott has B.S. in Business Administration and
Marketing Management from East Carolina University.

Business Insurance Experts
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