Stirling Insurance​ is an independent property and casualty insurance brokerage, based in New York, able to write coverage nation-wide, offering policies to protect your people, products, services and business.

All policies are not the same
All carriers are not the same
All brokers are not the same

Calling three brokers for quotes and taking the lowest you get in a half hour is like calling three clothing stores for the cheapest suit without regard for size, fit, color or style. We believe an informed customer is our best client.

Why Insurance? What Does Insurance Do For Me?

An understandable discussion of the larger risk management process for the business owner, how insurance fits in, what insurance can and can't do, and how to size up the decisions you face.

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Insurance Terms Explained in Plain English

 An insurance glossary, so you can understand. Insurance uses many uncommon terms, or specific different meanings. As a result, buying insurance can be confusing. In this section we explain the most common terms, because an informed consumer is empowered.

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How much does it cost?

How many brokers do I need?
What's the difference between a broker and an agent?
What happens if I don't get insurance?
What's the difference between admitted and non admitted insurance companies?
All these and more burning questions answered right here.


Insurance Policies 

General Liability​, Property
Professional Liability, Errors & Omissions
Cyber Liability, Directors & Officers
Employment Practices Liability
Workers' Compensation & Disability​​​​​​​​​
Surety Bonds

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